Artis Empowerment Mastermind Group Launched

31271133_LI just got off conference call with 3 incredible and dynamic individuals each with different skills set and that entrepreneur drive.

A wise man once said “You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”-Zig Ziglar

That is the spirt of the Artis Empowerment Mastermind Group we have started small but nonetheless we started and I tell you everyone who attended is definitely off to a great start.

The truth is not happens by accident and nothing happens without any action. If you are sitting on the sideline then don’t expect things to change in your life.

It is real important to have a group of like-minded people to lift your spirts and to also help you along your entrepreneur journey.

I would like to say thank you to Nicole, Bernard and Patricia for stepping up and making this happen.

Click the link to Join our mastermind group Artis Empowerment Mastermind Group



Bless and Curse Not – The Art Of Living Your Best Life Ever

It seems as if so many people today cant get along in life without some drama(Curse) and for those people the curse which is the drama is always caused by someone else they never seemed to take responsibilities for the roles that the play in it.

In most instances drama in your life is created and invited by you. You know the people I am talking about on FB blasting the world … always talking and professing that they cant find people to get along with … “I have also been guilty of that one”.

6832809_LBut the problem is not the people the problem and the solution(Blessing) is always from within. If we begin to look within and be the change and difference that we want right away things will change for us.

If you want a better job be the better job profess that I AM the best worker, profess that I AM a loving person I AM patience.

Don’t ever let anyone nor yourself to profess words of limitation in your mind because thoughts create matter.

Yes I said it thought create matter … I am learning and still learning to control my thoughts now I did not say thinking but my thoughts the key is if you feel a bad thought reach for a better thought.

Now that’s not hard to do … just reach a tad bit higher for a better thought and things will start changing around you.

That co-worker that you hate … see God in that co-worker visualize his/her divinity within watch how your perception will change about this person/persons.

Please practice this daily that is the only way that we will change the world and our world remember you do have the power to create and all matter is created through a simple thought.

I would like to leave you with this old Chinese fable which says that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Are you going to be that candle ? Are you going to be that blessing ? 

Facebook Hiatus or Detox Should We All Take A Break Every Now And Then ?

Social-Network_9156620_SFirst I would like to say thank god for Facebook and what it has to offer. It has allowed me to meet people real people all over the nation and other nations. I have decided to take this detox as I realized I was spending so much time on Facbook.

Initially for me Facebook was where I did most of my social media marketing additional I meet other marketers and attending groups with other like minded individauls entrprenerus or other wanna be entpreneurs … Then one day Facebook was realized that I was meeting more of my friends from the past so I started to embrace it.

Embracing was not all I was doing, I was spending so much time on Facebook that I was not completing my goals so I decided to take a break.

After taking a break on Facebook I finally got some time to mourn my mother although you might ask what does FB has to do with not mourning.

The problem was I was always connecting being connecting all the time gives you no time for yourself and to deal with real problems and emotions in your life.

I begin meditating again and learning to quiet the mind … please let me say it is no easy feat it just the beginning of it. As a lifetime student of Metaphysics going in and communing with your inner being is so important and by being off of Facebook gave me the time to have with myself.
Started reading again, the books that I have started studying again was Science Of The Mind and Prayer: How To Pray Effectively in addition I decided that I would pursue my degree in Metaphysics as a healthy and healthy mind is a beautiful place to be.

Now please be all means I am thankful for FB but I just needed some alone time.




Dedicated To You Mom – I Will Only Give My Attention And Time To Quality

TroinMomIt seems like just yesterday I was talking to my mother and probably for her it seems as she was holding her little baby me.

I have been away from my blog as I have had taken two losses within a very short time, December 2013 I lost my father seven  months later I lost my mother.

Throughout that time I continue to write code for clients but I did not do any marketing or did I take time to nourish my blog and my readers.

So the time has come for me to start blogging again … but I my interest is to help more people reach their goals by me helping more people reach their goals I will be able to reach mines.

And my goal is to give back anything I can be it knowledge be it my time in helping people get where they need to be in order to spend more time with love ones.

I truly believe that we all have a calling and in order to make that calling we need to have free time … Free time to spend with family and friends.

I am so thankful that GOD gave me the wisdom to get into technology it allowed me the flexibility to still have a income while being able to spend the last 8 months with my parents.

I made myself a promise after losing my dear parents that I will take more time for me, and  spend time with people of quality.

Please keep reading as I will be doing more writing and my views and different ways of reaching the ultimate goal of freedom and wealth.

Warning: Entrepreneurs Do Not Attend Another Webinar Before Reading This Post



Webinars were once a great thing, but now I have stopped attending webinars from so called experts who have sold me a info product or a digital tool.

These experts no longer and probably never did have your benefit at hand, although in the info product they talk the talk but do they walk they walk …most dont.

So many internet marketers are now trying the offline gold niche there are plenty of people that you believe are doing what they said they do and what you want to do .

They may have once did but now they see plenty of money peddling you more products instead of helping their local community.

Why would they go out help local business when it is more profitable for them to sell you more products on how to get more leads or how to do this and do that.  But wait ..!!! You have not even completed the first course.

You have not got your first local client … but they are asking you to buy another product. I say remove yourself from their list and definitely start using a dummy email address as these charlatans are only looking for WIIFT “WHATS IN IF FOR THEM” instead of WIIFM “WHAT IN IT FOR ME”

But getting back to the webinar topic which is what these blog post is about, the last few webinars I have attended by most of these charlatans are basically pitch fest they have not went as far as after you purchased their product to tell you it’s a bonus training … LOL.

Yeah right a bonus sales webinar … You have to remember to stay focus ask yourself why did you get into online marketing or offline marketing.  Hopefully you was looking for some sort of freedom but where is the freedom if you are spending most of your time in these webinars at night.

Where is the time for your family if you work a day job and you are hoping that these webinars will help you one day be free … I am telling you not …

There was a time I spent more time on these webinars to find out that everytime I was continuing being pitched.

Here is the acid test … if you purchase a product and the product owner offer a bonus training but they decide to sell you something on the back-end. RUN and RUN FAST.

Get back your life …!!! Take action and stop attending these pith fest webinars.


I Love Marketing Meetup – Triangle



If you know I love everything about marketing, some business owners failed to realize what business are they really in, If you ever thought you was in the business of Realtor, plumber, carpet cleaner, caterer, carpenter, stylist and list goes on you are not. YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MARKETING your service or product.

So many of us fail to realize that you should become a lover of marketing and with that said and my love of marketing I decided to setup a meetup in the Triangle area that focus on Joe Polish and Dean Jackson principles and other direct response marketing principles.

If you have not visited their site please do and if you are in the Triangle area I recommend you join our meetup. Finally a way for the small business owners to start profiting and building their business.






How To Tracking My FBLikes, Tweets, Google +1′s, Pins And LinkedIn

The key to marketing is know your metrics there are so many tools out there for finding out your metrics for your website, for your PPC click ads but how do you know what your content is doing via social media.

Knowing your social media stats is key, because if you know your stats you know where to keep engaging your audience that is the real secret to marketing and getting more people to your content.

I see so many people who put on the social media plugins on their blog but they really have no clue how is it really going.

Well if you are using Social Media and you should be tracking whats going on with your marketing.  One of the best tools I use to find out what is going on is a WordPress Plugin that monitor how my content performs on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The beauty of this plugin it is really a simple plugin that helps you see what your content is doing on what network.

Armed with this information you will be able to better tailor your post the the right audience, the plugin I am talking about is Social Metric Pro  this plugin will allow you to get your readers and list and start tracking and monitoring your social signals.


Step By Step Video Tutorial On How To Setup Your Own WordPress Blog

I have been asked by many people how to start a blog of their and I have recommended to a couple to of Authors and people wanted to get started making money online to create their own blog.

My recommendation was to create a self hosted blog on a platform called WordPress, but once I told them that they asked could I give them a tutorial or doing it for them.

Now I have no problem giving a tutorial but doing it is a best of another color, my response to doing it for them is I would rather teach you to fish then give you a fish.  In addition I would have to charge you if a do it for you.

I came up with one better I decided to have some videos created to teach people how to create their own WordPress Blog.


If you follow these videos you will be able learn how to setup a WordPress and beginning blogging about whats on your mind.

I was initially going to sell these course but for those who are on my list they will be able to get this course for free. Check out the sales video below:

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