Warning: Entrepreneurs Do Not Attend Another Webinar Before Reading This Post



Webinars were once a great thing, but now I have stopped attending webinars from so called experts who have sold me a info product or a digital tool.

These experts no longer and probably never did have your benefit at hand, although in the info product they talk the talk but do they walk they walk …most dont.

So many internet marketers are now trying the offline gold niche there are plenty of people that you believe are doing what they said they do and what you want to do .

They may have once did but now they see plenty of money peddling you more products instead of helping their local community.

Why would they go out help local business when it is more profitable for them to sell you more products on how to get more leads or how to do this and do that.  But wait ..!!! You have not even completed the first course.

You have not got your first local client … but they are asking you to buy another product. I say remove yourself from their list and definitely start using a dummy email address as these charlatans are only looking for WIIFT “WHATS IN IF FOR THEM” instead of WIIFM “WHAT IN IT FOR ME”

But getting back to the webinar topic which is what these blog post is about, the last few webinars I have attended by most of these charlatans are basically pitch fest they have not went as far as after you purchased their product to tell you it’s a bonus training … LOL.

Yeah right a bonus sales webinar … You have to remember to stay focus ask yourself why did you get into online marketing or offline marketing.  Hopefully you was looking for some sort of freedom but where is the freedom if you are spending most of your time in these webinars at night.

Where is the time for your family if you work a day job and you are hoping that these webinars will help you one day be free … I am telling you not …

There was a time I spent more time on these webinars to find out that everytime I was continuing being pitched.

Here is the acid test … if you purchase a product and the product owner offer a bonus training but they decide to sell you something on the back-end. RUN and RUN FAST.

Get back your life …!!! Take action and stop attending these pith fest webinars.


Why Education Marketing Is The New Currency For Business

If you are still spending money on interruption advertisement then you are probably losing your shirt or you are just Coca-cola or some other big name brands with billion dollars budgets for adverts.

But if you are like most of us either solo, small or mid size business you don’t have a billion dollar budget and you don’t have money to throw at interruption advertisement.

If you not familiar with the terms interruption advertisement please let me explain this is the sort of advertisement that you get when you are trying to look at T.V. and a commerical comes through it the same thing when listen to the radio.

You are not watching or listening to media so that advertisers can rudely interrupt you but they do and this is the most common form of adverstisement being used by big business.

There are are so many different forms of marketing that fails most business, but business owner love to use these methods because they have not clue on what type of marketing really works.

I am here to tell you that Education Marketing is key and it is the new currency for business that would like to pull in new currency.

Now I know you must be saying what is Education marketing and how do I get started or maybe not … But you should be employing this type of marketing.

Education marketing is where you start educating consumers or your prospective clients. This is easily done by putting together a report or some sort of consumer guide that will help people make a educated decision on choosing a service provider or picking a product.

See here is the real truth most of us including me love to buy things but we just hate being sold.

Education marketing changes your positioning, you are no longer chasing clients or buyers they are now coming to you because you are giving them something of real value for such a low cost which is FREE!!

So enough with the theory how do you implement this type of marketing ?

There are many ways to get started,

  1. First thing is to come up with a list of things about your product or service that people don’t ask but should be asking.
  2. Once you get your list together then organize this list into a nice report.
  3. Take this report on put it online for people to download the report.
  4. Convert the report into a Free recorder message.
  5. Put on your business cards “Free report reveals (info about your service)”.
  6. If you are bold take this report and convert it into a Power Point Presentation.
  7. Convert this presentation into a video and post it on Youtube.


I just gave you are start with creating a education marketing system. Hopefully you get the idea and see how this can really expand your business.


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Is Social Media The Death Of Print Advertisement

English: Stephen Monaco speaking about Social ...

It seems like everyone is doing social media marketing today and for a lot of markets it is working but for the untrained marketer or business owner it is not. In order to benefit from social media marketing you must engage your subscribers or followers.

I have seen so many so called Social Media Consultant selling people that print advertisement is dead and that everyone is doing Social media marketing so you should get with the trend.

With all the hype about social media, some marketers are going too far and have started ignoring traditional tools that have served them over the years, primarily PRINT.

Yes, we all should agree that social media is much more active currently, especially with the state  of the economy. Social is cheap when it comes to outside costs, but you need to factor in internal costs for all your social media activities. Too many marketers this last year have bypassed print because of budget cuts and have concentrated more on social media.

To read this full story visit http://tradesmeninsights.com

I will tell you before you jump off of your print marketing you may want to wait. The problem with print marketing is the same problem that print marketing always had and that problem was having sales rep create your advertisement.

When having a sales rep sales you print advertisment with no input from  a real direct response marketer you normally end up with very little to show for it. When you spend your dollar on any advertisment you need to be able to track it and that is what the sales rep don’t want you to do.

Now this is the same for most people selling social media marketing, they go somewhere and buy fans and twitter followers and then want you to pay them a big sum of money but who cares about fans and followers who are not buying in most cases they will never buy.

Social media, Radio, TV and print is a media is a way to DELIVER YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE.

Don’t follow trends just  because and don’t leave print just because … if it is working learn how to make it work better , test other marketing media but best believe print advertisement is far from dead.


Search Goes Social: Microsoft Fires Back At Google’s Plus One Your World

 Today I received a email from Bing that read something link this ….

And Just like that …

Search Goes Social High-Quality Search results are just the beginning. Now only Bing brings together best search with people from your social networks, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing.


Now I am very excited by this new move from Bing, it comes right after Google kind of screwed up its search engine results with all these crazy updates namely Panda and Penguin.

Now don’t get me wrong Google is still King of search but it is very nice to have choices and prior to this there was none.

So what is this Search Goes Social and what does it all ? It basically means instead of just search the old fashion way where you had rankings based on backlinks and other SEO tactics you now have social signals showing up in the serps.

To Google social search means Google plus One Your World to Bing social search means you search and you can get ask your Facebook and Twitter friends for help. So instead of getting some fake review from someone you don’t know or trust you now with Bing new look and functionality you can have the help of your friends.

Now here is what I  can’t wait to see what is Google next move or do Google ever need to move. Google has 80% of the search market although I love Google+ most of my friends who are not tech, geeks or marketers are not there.

This could be something big for Bing and Facebook. The only real drawback is Google not only have search but Google has mail, Google has video, Google has  a hell of a lot.

We will see how this turn out … until then …. Let the Serp Games Begin!!!!!



Is Google Evil: Google Accused Of Promoting Music Service With Pirated Photo

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Is Google really a honest company, well it does not seem like it with all the reports of  things that Google has done it seems like although the company motto is “Do no evil’ sometimes it may seem that Google does not really have room to promote that slogin.

The latest allegation of evil act that has been done by the Big G infringed copyright in photos of John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix.

Google has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that it infringed copyright in photos of John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix in a promotion for its music store.

The case, quietly filed late last month in Los Angeles federal court, alleges that Google used a backdrop created by street artist Thierry Guetta to promote Google Music — the music store that Google launched last November. But Guetta himself allegedly violated copyright with the backdrop, because it included key elements of photos taken by James Marshall, according to the lawsuit.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/174501/google-accused-of-promoting-music-service-with-pir.html?edition=46767#ixzz1uqsIqpDH



This reminds of many times that Google has done other things that may be consider shady, grey or even black but the company has launched their attack on so call bad websites with its Penguin alogrithmn update and panda update.


Of course this is not the first time Google been accussed of wrong doing actually Google was sued by a Florida woman in 2010 over Buzz.


Google Getting Sued Over Buzz   
A Florida woman has filed a class action lawsuit against an apologetic Google this week.  The complaint alleges that Google broke the law when it shared personal data on its Buzz service without the consent of users.  Specifically the suit accuses Google of breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  Apparently Google didn’t test Buzz very well – they told the BBC that they only tested it internally with 20,000 employees before releasing it.

read the full story here: http://java.dzone.com/dose/dzone-daily-dose-219


Now you want to here some real evil that Google admitted to stealing from Mocality a Kenyan base local search phone and search directory.

Last week, Google was forced to admit that its Kenyan unit was “improperly” using data from a local startup (the victim, Mocality, had assembled a valuable online and mobile-phone-accessible directory of local businesses; Google was allegedly accessing Mocality’s database and soliciting its customers to buy websites set up by Google).

read the full story here: http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/editors/27500/


We can go on and on about Google and reason why that slogan just don’t fit any more. I would love to hear your feedback on what you think about Google and the “Do no evil” slogan.


Google Penguin Update The Reason Why You Need Paid Advertisement


It seems that Google latest update is one of the worse yet especially for those sites that depend on its traffic coming from only from SEO.

I have always said depending on one source of traffic is bad way to monetize your site the same way as depending on one source of income is a bad way to live your life.

Lately Google has been making SEO guys jump so many hoops that it is crazy, being a great webmaster does not hold up with what Google is doing.

I had one of my site drop from page 1 to page 30!

Now that sucks but honestly my traffic did not drop as bad as I thought because I had already built an audience for this site.

This site had no spam links just good links from high ranking sites, well let me say some of the sites were effected also so some are not high ranking anymore.


This lead to another conversation negative SEO so Google has now given blackhatters a tool to kill great site, just create spam links to the sites and Google will take care of the rest. “Thanks for this update Google”


Why Many SEO Thought Leaders Remain Ignorant About SEO

Recently there have been numerous claims that negative SEO doesn’t work made by people whoshould know better.

Many of them don’t know any better though, due to a combination of being naive, trusting public relations messaging as being the truth, and a general lack of recent experience on smaller sites.

Read more about Negative SEO with SEOBOOK




In any event if you have been following any of my post regarding paid advertisement then you would know that I strongly promote it with all of Google updates I think I will be investing more time tested no places where I can get some paid traffic.


Now paid advertisement can be anything from flyers to media buys.


Yes I said flyers although the internet was once  king for low cost marketing solution it is now become very hard to get your message out for a low cost.


I am not saying that free marketing on the internet is DEAD‼!

But I am saying in the long run if you build your business on free internet marketing namely SEO it can really cost you a lot.


I am also recommending learning to write basic sales copy and start more marketing offline. Check out the book below


Yes offline to online‼‼  While everyone is waiting for Google to send them free traffic which is not really free you can create a great flyer will some great sales or ad copy and direct people to your website.

This is really targeted marketing because most people who visit your site is really interested because you did a pre-sell in your flyer.

In essence all I am saying there are plenty ways to continue to get traffic do not depend on Google only.


As usual I would love to hear your comments feel free to leave a comment.


Google+ Hangouts On Air – Broadcast your show live

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If you are not on Google+ then you are really missing the boat. While everyone is playing around on Facebook and Twitter Google is definitely playing hard when it comes to broadcasting your shows live and your life live.

Google+ have have had hangout for a while but Google announced today the release of Hangout On Air


Today we’re excited to launch Hangouts On Air to Google+ users worldwide. So if you have something to say—as an aspiring artist, a global celebrity, or a concerned citizen—you can now go live in front of a global audience. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to:

  • Broadcast publicly. By checking “Enable Hangouts On Air,” you can broadcast your live hangout—
    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome (Photo credit: thms.nl)

    from the Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website—to the entire world.

  • See how many viewers you’ve got. During your broadcast, you can look inside the hangout to see how many people are watching live.
  • Record and re-share. Once you’re off the air, we’ll upload a public recording to your YouTube channel, and to your original Google+ post. This way it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over.

Read the official story here

Well I guess you want to know what this means to you, this means that you can now start stream your Youtube channel live, you can go to the park with your phone and start a chat and stream it live, this means if you can now show your talent live.

If you are not on Google+ then you need to be on it  … once you get there look me up …



WP-Touch Alternatives Plugins – Get Mobile Now

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Well we know WordPress is very hot right now and so is mobile but here is the problem you have a bunch of readers who now want to get your content on their mobile device are you ready for these users.

As an affiliate marketer the plugin I was told to get WP-Touch, but I did not want to shell out the money presently so I decided to look for a free option.

The top free options I found for WP-Touch Alternatives:


1. WP Mobile 

The WP Mobile Detector WordPress plugin automatically detects if the visitor is using a standard mobile phone or a smart phone and loads a compatible WordPress mobile theme for each.

It is one of the first to differentiate between a standard mobile phone and a smart phone. With advanced mobile statistics, image resizing, automatically formatted content, and detection of 5,000+ mobile phones, the WP Mobile Detector gives your mobile visitors the experience they desire.


2. MobilePress

MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets, with the ability to use customized themes. Built into MobilePress is the ability to track your mobile sites analytics and serve ads with Aduity.com.


3.WordPress Mobile Pack

The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog.

It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about.

The pack has been tested on WordPress 2.5.1, 2.6.5, 2.7.1, 2.8.6, 2.9.2, and 3.0. It has been tested on WordPress MU 2.6 in the ‘plugins’, rather than ‘mu_plugins’, mode. PHP 5.x is also highly recommended, although the plugin also works with PHP 4.3.

Features include:

  • A mobile switcher which automatically suggests desktop or mobile presentation, but lets users switch to the other if required (and remembers their choice).
  • A standard mobile theme, crafted by ribot, a top UK mobile design team.
  • A set of advanced themes for Nokia and WebKit devices, designed by Forum Nokia. These also look beautiful on Android, iPhone and Palm devices.

4. Mowser

The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog.

It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about



Law of attraction – Dr. Seuss Explains Abraham Hicks!

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and I have always loved Dr. Suess in this video Dr. Suess will explain the Law Of Attraction and Abraham Hicks Dr. Suess Style.


The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you — and you get to choose the details of how it flows





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Building Relationships Using Facebook Ads

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If you have been anywhere you have heard social media is hot, but if you have read my last post I talked about doing some paid adverts.

Now if you are looking for people who are searching for your product or  a product or service you might can feel then Google Adwords may be the place for you to start doing your marketing, but I think you may want to wait on Adwords a bit and chasing Facebook ads.

Now there is an art to using Facebook ads system its nothing like Google, you need to engage your audience on Facebook. Don’t just throw up an ad and expect to get clicks and people to buy.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Instead, Facebook is all about building relationships. That means marketers should focus on “many lightweight interactions over time.” Using tools like Facebook Pages, Sponsored Stories, and Open Graph apps, brands can slowly build relationships with consumers, in the same way that getting little updates from your friends (that they listened to a song on Spotify or went for a three-mile run with RunKeeper or whatever) can build your friendship over time: “Sometimes, serendipitously, those [individual] stories are interesting, but it’s the aggregations that are really powerful.”

Click to read the Facebook’s Paul Adams To Marketers: If You Want Bigger Ads, You’re Doing It Wrong

I recommend first know what you expect to happen on Facebook and make sure you are getting it right and definitely understand your target audience. You need to get into their minds and become them remember Facebook has a lot of data that you can use to your benefit.

Once you get this data go to places like Quantcast to help you better understand what your audience may like and how you can engage them.

Remember the key to Facebook ads is relationship.



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