Search Goes Social: Microsoft Fires Back At Google’s Plus One Your World

 Today I received a email from Bing that read something link this …. And Just like that … Search Goes Social High-Quality Search results are just the beginning. Now only Bing brings together best search with people from your social networks, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing.   Now I […]

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Google Penguin Update The Reason Why You Need Paid Advertisement

It seems that Google latest update is one of the worse yet especially for those sites that depend on its traffic coming from only from SEO. I have always said depending on one source of traffic is bad way to monetize your site the same way as depending on one source of income is a […]

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Bet Against Google+ Then You Bet Wrong

It seems that there is a bunch of things going on with SEO today, to many to start counting as ever Google continues to keep us on our toes by changeing the algorithm. This brings me into my post about betting against Google it seems as if this writer from forbes magazine has betting against Google […]

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Google Penalize Over SEO Optimized Page

As you know Google states that they are looking to give the web user a great experience when surfing the web and with all that said Google has been making lots of changes to its algorithmn to combat webspam and in general bad web sites and content. In order for Google to achieve the goal […]

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