Email Hoarding: How To Delete All 13,000 Unread Messages In Gmail Inbox

Dear Reader,

I just had to share this with you. As a marketer I am told to promote via email marketing but the problem with email marketing it is so overused. Most people today have more than one email address because they are much smarter then the average bear.


The problem with email marketing is deliverability,  do you realize how much email is getting lost to either spam or just blatant deletion. Consumers and readers are so overwhelmed with information overload that your emails are probably not even getting read believe I know, I have over 13,00 unread emails in my inbox.

I for one use gmail for my mails I have even setup Gmail For Business in order to get my email easily on all my android devices and unlike AOL or some of the other email services gmail spam filter is not so sensitive.

As a  marketer and a developer I have been doing a mix of email marketing with old school direct mail marketing yes I said it … SNAIL MAIL!!!

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Here is the thing with snail mail either it gets flagged as junk or it gets read with most people you will never ever find 13,000 unless it is some postman who did not want to deliver the mail but 95% of our hard working postal workers will deliver the mail because one person junk is another person life changing piece of mail.

Now that I talked about everything except how to delete the mail … well if you are using Gmail the best way to delete all unread mail is to do a search for “is:unread” but don’t but in the quotes.

You will now be able to free yourself of being a email horder and delete that mail that you have not read since 2010.



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