Google Penguin Update The Reason Why You Need Paid Advertisement


It seems that Google latest update is one of the worse yet especially for those sites that depend on its traffic coming from only from SEO.

I have always said depending on one source of traffic is bad way to monetize your site the same way as depending on one source of income is a bad way to live your life.

Lately Google has been making SEO guys jump so many hoops that it is crazy, being a great webmaster does not hold up with what Google is doing.

I had one of my site drop from page 1 to page 30!

Now that sucks but honestly my traffic did not drop as bad as I thought because I had already built an audience for this site.

This site had no spam links just good links from high ranking sites, well let me say some of the sites were effected also so some are not high ranking anymore.


This lead to another conversation negative SEO so Google has now given blackhatters a tool to kill great site, just create spam links to the sites and Google will take care of the rest. “Thanks for this update Google”


Why Many SEO Thought Leaders Remain Ignorant About SEO

Recently there have been numerous claims that negative SEO doesn’t work made by people whoshould know better.

Many of them don’t know any better though, due to a combination of being naive, trusting public relations messaging as being the truth, and a general lack of recent experience on smaller sites.

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In any event if you have been following any of my post regarding paid advertisement then you would know that I strongly promote it with all of Google updates I think I will be investing more time tested no places where I can get some paid traffic.


Now paid advertisement can be anything from flyers to media buys.


Yes I said flyers although the internet was once  king for low cost marketing solution it is now become very hard to get your message out for a low cost.


I am not saying that free marketing on the internet is DEAD‼!

But I am saying in the long run if you build your business on free internet marketing namely SEO it can really cost you a lot.


I am also recommending learning to write basic sales copy and start more marketing offline. Check out the book below


Yes offline to online‼‼  While everyone is waiting for Google to send them free traffic which is not really free you can create a great flyer will some great sales or ad copy and direct people to your website.

This is really targeted marketing because most people who visit your site is really interested because you did a pre-sell in your flyer.

In essence all I am saying there are plenty ways to continue to get traffic do not depend on Google only.


As usual I would love to hear your comments feel free to leave a comment.