Why Education Marketing Is The New Currency For Business

If you are still spending money on interruption advertisement then you are probably losing your shirt or you are just Coca-cola or some other big name brands with billion dollars budgets for adverts.

But if you are like most of us either solo, small or mid size business you don’t have a billion dollar budget and you don’t have money to throw at interruption advertisement.

If you not familiar with the terms interruption advertisement please let me explain this is the sort of advertisement that you get when you are trying to look at T.V. and a commerical comes through it the same thing when listen to the radio.

You are not watching or listening to media so that advertisers can rudely interrupt you but they do and this is the most common form of adverstisement being used by big business.

There are are so many different forms of marketing that fails most business, but business owner love to use these methods because they have not clue on what type of marketing really works.

I am here to tell you that Education Marketing is key and it is the new currency for business that would like to pull in new currency.

Now I know you must be saying what is Education marketing and how do I get started or maybe not … But you should be employing this type of marketing.

Education marketing is where you start educating consumers or your prospective clients. This is easily done by putting together a report or some sort of consumer guide that will help people make a educated decision on choosing a service provider or picking a product.

See here is the real truth most of us including me love to buy things but we just hate being sold.

Education marketing changes your positioning, you are no longer chasing clients or buyers they are now coming to you because you are giving them something of real value for such a low cost which is FREE!!

So enough with the theory how do you implement this type of marketing ?

There are many ways to get started,

  1. First thing is to come up with a list of things about your product or service that people don’t ask but should be asking.
  2. Once you get your list together then organize this list into a nice report.
  3. Take this report on put it online for people to download the report.
  4. Convert the report into a Free recorder message.
  5. Put on your business cards “Free report reveals (info about your service)”.
  6. If you are bold take this report and convert it into a Power Point Presentation.
  7. Convert this presentation into a video and post it on Youtube.


I just gave you are start with creating a education marketing system. Hopefully you get the idea and see how this can really expand your business.


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