The Power of Like: Brands And Newsfeeds

Comscore has just released a report on how important is the newsfeed on Facebook, if you are responsible for marketing your company brands or if you are a social media manager you had better read this report.



While most brand marketers today are intensely focused on their social media efforts, many express frustration at the inability to quantify its value or incorporate it into their marketing mix. comScore Social Essentials is a breakthrough social measurement product that helps marketers do just that.

The following white paper offers an in-depth analysis of how social media brand impressions reach Fans and Friends throughout Facebook, as opposed to just on brand Fan pages. The study profiles three major brands – Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Microsoft Bing – to show the impact of these impressions on Fans and Friends and help illustrate how brands today need to be thinking about their social marketing initiatives.



The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing