Building Relationships Using Facebook Ads

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If you have been anywhere you have heard social media is hot, but if you have read my last post I talked about doing some paid adverts.

Now if you are looking for people who are searching for your product or  a product or service you might can feel then Google Adwords may be the place for you to start doing your marketing, but I think you may want to wait on Adwords a bit and chasing Facebook ads.

Now there is an art to using Facebook ads system its nothing like Google, you need to engage your audience on Facebook. Don’t just throw up an ad and expect to get clicks and people to buy.

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Instead, Facebook is all about building relationships. That means marketers should focus on “many lightweight interactions over time.” Using tools like Facebook Pages, Sponsored Stories, and Open Graph apps, brands can slowly build relationships with consumers, in the same way that getting little updates from your friends (that they listened to a song on Spotify or went for a three-mile run with RunKeeper or whatever) can build your friendship over time: “Sometimes, serendipitously, those [individual] stories are interesting, but it’s the aggregations that are really powerful.”

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I recommend first know what you expect to happen on Facebook and make sure you are getting it right and definitely understand your target audience. You need to get into their minds and become them remember Facebook has a lot of data that you can use to your benefit.

Once you get this data go to places like Quantcast to help you better understand what your audience may like and how you can engage them.

Remember the key to Facebook ads is relationship.



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