Bet Against Google+ Then You Bet Wrong

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator)

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

It seems that there is a bunch of things going on with SEO today, to many to start counting as ever Google continues to keep us on our toes by changeing the algorithm.

This brings me into my post about betting against Google it seems as if this writer from forbes magazine has betting against Google although he may have reason to believe Google+ is a social media network

I no longer view Google Plus as a ghost town, that much I can say. It is not dead and doesn’t need another article delivering post-mortem remarks. That said, I still do not believe Google Plus is the social network it needs to be, nor do I believe it will ever pose a significant threat to Facebook in its current form. This news might upset the ten or so people who regularly comment on my G+ posts, some of whom consider me a “convert” seeing as how I do use the site regularly, but my stated belief still stands.

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As a marketer and a developer I will not bet against Google as I know Google is definitely going to win. Most of the people writing for these magazines are not marketers and have no clue what really works and what does not works for people marketing and getting seen.

A protester holding a placard in Tahrir Square...

A protester holding a placard in Tahrir Square referring to Facebook and Twitter, acknowledging the role played by social media during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I am on Facebook and Twitter  I must say that I have never made a cent from Facebook and can’t tell you how to convert Facebook users into buyers what I can tell you is that is a great platform for social branding and possible getting some leads.

The problem with these people betting against Google is they do not understand the landscape of SEO and Marketing if you ask most people how they are using social media for business they can’t really explain if they are getting on ROI on time and money invested.

Unlike putting your money on Google you probably can see some results at least as far as SEO goes and believe me it has just begun.

Google has definitely got it right, don’t worry about what they naysayers say about Google+ is dead it is a lie Google+ is a live and well.

Normally when people bet against Google they use their opinions on how they would like to see things shaped but if you are looking to get more exposure to your business you better start looking at Google+ is the real deal.

Check out this excerpt taken from

Perhaps not surprisingly, Google+ had the greatest effect. The website linked to a Google+ business page with 100 followers, yielding a 14.63 rise in search position. The website that had 300 Google+ votes rose 9.44.

Observed TastyPlacement: “It’s probably not surprising that Google’s plan to cut out the crowdsourcing middleman by enticing users to directly vote on a site’s relevancy would positively affect rankings.”

Facebook promotion had a small but demonstrable effect on the rankings. After 70 Facebook shares plus 50 “likes,” the test site here rose 6.9 in the rankings.


Now what matters to me is what matters in the serps, now don’t get me wrong there will be reason to use the other platforms but as a hub not as your base.

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