Google Penalize Over SEO Optimized Page

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As you know Google states that they are looking to give the web user a great experience when surfing the web and with all that said Google has been making lots of changes to its algorithmn to combat webspam and in general bad web sites and content.

In order for Google to achieve the goal of giving the surfing a great experience and delivering the content that the surfer is really looking for Google has implemented alltypes of Algorithm changes.

Just when you think you have mastered SEO Google decides to change its algorithm and will continue to change its algorithm.

Whats on the table now is Google changes to combat over SEO optimized blog now it seems as if what hat’s are under attack, but that is not the case it is Google is trying to keep you on your toes.

With that being said check out some this video where Rand Fisher of gives some tips on how to not get penalized.

In order to find Google latest search quality updates always verify Google search engine changes at Google Inside Search in addition check out SEOMOZ Google Algorithm Change.


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